Taking a Leap of Faith on Kickstarter

Kickstarter, the premier online platform for proving product-market-fit, is the ultimate entrepreneurial "high risk, high reward" scenario. There's no room for fakes with half-baked ideas here--once campaigns launch, it's a 30-day promotional sprint to the finish line.

This all-or-nothing approach felt like the perfect place to debut our new product, the PRO30: a wireless, on-ear high fidelity headphone. We're pouring everything we've got into this making this product--and campaign--successful because the fate and future of MUNITIO depends on it.

"Kickstarter is great because it simplifies the process," explained Danny Massaro, MUNITIO's founder. "There's no excuses. To succeed your passion, dedication and ability need to shine through in your work. For people to back your product they need to want what you're selling, but more importantly, they need to trust you can deliver."

And even after all the ups and downs we've experienced as a brand, the one thing we're certain we can deliver on is this: designing and building badass headphones.

MUNITIO is about building products people can depend on. Headphones that continue to look and sound as good as they did the first day you bought them. We believe that delivering an enduring, high quality experience is the most powerful way to show our customers how much we value and appreciate them. And with your support through this Kickstarter campaign, we'll be able to continue doing so for years to come.

The bottom line is that even though Danny bought MUNITIO back, the final outcome of this campaign will determine the fate and future of our company. That might sound risky, but we're not a brand that likes to play it safe. But we're confident in the strength, performance and functionality of the PRO30--we've poured our heart and soul into making this the best MUNITIO headphone to date. And, similar to our proven development process, the passion and dedication we've put into every aspect of this campaign is what will make it really powerful.