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MUNITIO is a San Diego, California based precision sound brand specializing in lifestyle electronic accessories. We believe in the power of music to enrich and individualize our experiences while strengthening our connection to community. Latin for defense works and fortification, MUNITIO is a brand of quality, utility and performance.


The MUNITIO team is a diverse collection of music and recording industry veterans, audiophiles, visual artists with expertise in mobile technology, industrial design and specialty metals manufacturing. Their motivation? To bring true craftsmanship to portable electronic peripherals.


It began in 2010, when MUNITIO set a new standard in listener enjoyment and electronic accessory fashion with the release of the world’€™s first titanium-coated and 18K gold plated earphones. With each successive product, we at MUNITIO continue to stretch our collective imagination and remain a leading innovator of the mobile lifestyle movement.




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